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When you are going to explore a new place then having a good tour guide is must so that you can enjoy your trip to its fullest and also you can explore as many places in limited time interval. So finding a good tour guide is a tough job. So Travevalley will do this work for you. We will provide you best tour guide so that you can have a adventurous and a memorable trip.

Our tour guide has following features:

  • Understandable– Our tour guides speak a range of languages, so that it’s easy for you to understand. They speak clearly, audibly and with confidence. Depending on the type of tour, you might be asked to wear earphones or use other types of audio equipment.
  • Punctual– Our tour guide should be waiting for you when you arrive, rather than the other way around. Ideally, they should also ensure that other tour members arrive and depart on time, and don’t cause delays for the group as a whole.
  • Friendly– A relaxed and friendly manner is key of our tour guide. They also need to have a certain level of authority, and be able to keep your members together and focused without coming across as intimidating, patronising or arrogant.
  • Knowledgeable– Our tour guide has in-depth knowledge of the site, its history and importance. They have a passion for their subject and can convey their enthusiasm to the group. Such passion can be contagious and inspiring, and make the site really come alive. Being able to convey a sense of the overall cultural background is also important, as it can greatly enhance each tour member’s overall understanding of the site as a whole.
  • Engaging– Our tour guides share their knowledge in an engaging, illuminating and entertaining way, rather than repeating a list of facts by rote.
  • Interactive– Our tour guides also invite questions and interaction from tour members, rather than treating the tour as a one-person show or a ‘be quiet and listen’ school lesson.

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